Business Lessons: 150+ Startup Mistakes and Entrepreneurship Lessons

Business Lessons: 150+ Startup Mistakes and Entrepreneurship Lessons Shared by 55 Successful Founders

Learn from those Who Have Gone Before You – Stand on the Shoulders of Business Giants!

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you planning to launch a business? Do you want to avoid as many mistakes as possible?

What this book offers:

Business Lessons: 150+ startup mistakes and entrepreneurship lessons shared by 55 successful founders – Founder Interviews: The art of learning from other’s mistakes provides You’ll learn the 3 Top Business Mistakes, Top 20 Reasons a Startup Fails, and 30 Takeaways for New Entrepreneurs.
How this book is different…

Unlike other collections of interviews, Business Lessons helps you process what you’ve learned. You’ll learn why you must try new things, why mistakes and failures are essential, and how to manage your feelings of failure. Learn from the mistakes of others, and succeed in your business endeavors!


Why to buy this book…

Business Lessons gives you access to interviews with top business leaders:

and many more!

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