The Simple Business Book: Never Someday, Always Today

Never someday, always today

All we have is today, as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Do what you need to do today, there is no such thing as tomorrow, or someday.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but someday is not a real day and it will never come. In other words, it’s just another way of saying never. “Someday” is one of those discouraging vocabulary words that should never be used in business, or when pursuing a life dream. The word someday is only good for one thing and one thing only; it keeps you in your comfort zone. It allows you to feel good in the present time for something you haven’t accomplished yet. It’s an illusion.

Don’t be fooled.

In business, nothing gets done unless there’s a deadline attached to it. The word “someday” is deadly diseases and most new entrepreneurs suffer from it. In order to eliminate this plague from your blood stream, you must include deadlines to every tasks, projects and goals you have planned in the future. This is the only way you can be sure you’re moving forward. All businesses need time to grow before they become successful. With that logic, you as the owner will need all the time you can get to build it up – so start today.