The Simple Business Book: The Big Bang

The Big Bang – the starting point

The universe, the birds, the trees and life as we know it all started with a single bang. The explosion we’ve all come to know now as The Big Bang.

Since the bang the universe has been expanding with no end in sight. I am not a scientist and my passion is only for starting new businesses so for me, the big bang is that crazy and exciting feeling you get when you’ve suddenly, out of nowhere come up with a winning business idea. This idea hits you like a speeding bullet and it feels like you’re onto something bigger than the universe itself. This inner explosion, that unrealistic, uneasy, out of the box, crazy and simple idea is the beginning of your business legacy.

No matter where you are in life, consider this to be a new beginning. Your story hasn’t been written yet so think of this as a new chapter of your life. You can change the course of your future and make a difference for future generations. You can’t change history, but you can make history. You can build your business legacy by starting something small today.

The universe is yours for the taking. Now more than ever, your simple idea has the same opportunity as our expanding universe.

All you have to do right is Start Something.

Make today your business BIG BANG.